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Control a lost sphere through a minimal world of Parallel platforms.

Journey through the surreal, simplistic and colourful world that is Parallels. What seems like an easy relaxed journey in the beginning, is destined to become fraught with danger as you progress through the Parallel paths of ever changing light. Jump and bounce through over 30 checkpoints to reach the safety of the exit, will you make it?

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Bounce and roll through stunning colour changes as you drop through the levels, remember you always stay safe on the white. Avoid collapsing walls and ceilings, platforms on the move and shadowed shapes that will follow you to your destruction. With a simple one click/key jump system, you’ll need fast reactions, cunning timing and nerves of steel to reach the safety of the Parallel checkpoints and save your game progress.

Don’t be deceived, Parallels is a relatively chilled out puzzle escape platforming experience, but let your guard down and it becomes brutally hard to find the way out!

Steam Trading Cards

We’ve added 5 Steam Trading Cards to collect when playing the game. You can craft exclusive badges and earn custom emoji’s too! Complete the set or trade/sell them on the forums. Level Up for custom backgrounds. Tidy.

“Great platformer having a simple but brilliant game mechanic that starts easy and gets harder as you progress, maintaining the interest at every moment.” – Grijando

Original Soundtrack CD

Composed by the super talented Oleksandr Stepanov, the Parallels Official Soundtrack includes 3 extended mixes of all the music within the game along with a Bonus Megamix.

Coming soon as a stand alone download and as part of the Parallels Special Edition bundle.

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