Impossible Caves

Impossible Caves

Impossible Caves

Featured Worldwide by Apple in Best New Games September 2015.

Impossible Caves is all about travelling the hidden cavernous depths of the unknown. Deep in the abyss, faint lights are glowing and portals between surreal worlds have now opened,  prepare to enter the Impossible Caves. Begin your fantastic journey where your swift reactions and accurate timing in traversing your environment will keep you alive a little longer. Keep your wits about you as you are propelled off sharp ledges, dropped onto numerous icicle spikes and thrown against the dark eerie walls of the caves. Only the black bats will see your perilous journey and they clearly already know the way out!

Be quick, agile & lively as you slide through the vibrant Caves of this minimalistic platformer.

About Impossible Caves:

Simplistic one touch controls and an atmostpheric, chilling soundtrack, you must steer your icy character through 5 different Impossible Caves. Each cunningly designed cave holds an escape checkpoint portal waiting at the exit. Every cave journey can result in different routes,  so pick yours carefully or you could be faced with that fatal dead end.

Game Features:

  • Classic Twitch Arcade High Score Chaser
  • Epic Chilling Soundtrack
  • Simple Tap Controls
  • Game Leaderboard for all your Top Scores