Color Maze

Color Maze

Color Maze

Featured by Apple in New Games We Love in April 2016.

Jump through the surreal, minimal world of white towers and vibrant pathways that is the Color Maze.
Move through tile stacks, across floating bridges, trigger switches, ride lifts and enter portals that will change the course of your journey.  The way through the maze may look easy, but trigger a color switch and your pathway is set. You must follow the colour tiles as they reveal the way ahead, don’t hang around too long or the ground will rise up and swallow you! Click Here to Watch us making one of the levels.

Color Maze is a one touch puzzler game that’s all about navigating through a world of ever changing pathways.

About Color Maze:

With simple one touch controls, tap left or right to jump and follow the coloured tiles to navigate through the maze. Avoid the tower guards and patrolling enemy arrows, keep to the path and don’t miss a step or you’ll disappear into the abyss!
Conquer the heights and climb to the Top of the Color Maze Leaderboards.

Game Features:

  • 24 Characters to Unlock
  • Infinite Random Mazes
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Ambient Chill Soundtrack
  • Game Centre Leaderboard