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Latest Game In Development

With any new software there’ll always be a learning curve and that’s exactly how we’re approaching the new shiny Buildbox 2. Jilly and I have been working super hard getting to know all the great new features now included and we have to say it’s awesome! We always knew it would take a while to […]

Heads down into Buildbox 2 & Interview Link

We’ve been heads down of late getting to grips with all the new features in Buildbox 2 and super impressed especially with the scope of the new UI system, it’s very cool! Here’s a glimpse of what we’re working on at the moment.     We’ll posting more as we go along so watch this […]

3 Games now Live on the Windows 10 Store

We were thrilled to hear that the Buildbox team officially announced Windows 10 support last week and didn’t waste a moment to port our games onto the store! As with moving onto any new platform for the first time there was a fair bit to learn, but the process was pretty straight forward although the […]