Latest Game In Development

With any new software there’ll always be a learning curve and that’s exactly how we’re approaching the new shiny Buildbox 2. Jilly and I have been working super hard getting to know all the great new features now included and we have to say it’s awesome!

We always knew it would take a while to get up to speed so our latest project is certainly taking way longer than normal, but it’s also by far our biggest game to date and we’re packing tons of great content in 🙂 In fact, there’s probably at least 5 games in one with 16 unlockable characters, 3 full story worlds along with 4 arcade modes, it’s a beast but we’re making great progress.

So to sum it up for now, here’s our Buildbox 2 training game and we’re loving what the 8cell team are doing and where they’re taking the software.

Here’s some screenshots and video’s to give you a taster:

Early Mock Up Stage Level Design Timelapse in Buildbox 2

More Level and Play Testing

Story Mode Select Screen Mock Ups

Story Select Screen

Character Design Stages

Dragon Character Disco

We’ll be posting some more stuff as we get a little further on 😉