Color Maze TimeLapse Video

Color Maze in Buildbox – 56 minutes into 7

We have often thought during the process of learning Buildbox Software, that it would be good to have a little fun and turn on video capture during building.

This level decided to be one of the most frustrating of the game, especially after realising there was probably a whole lot easier way of doing things, but hey ho, these things aren’t always realised until you go through the initial headache of trying to figure something out.

Here’s the 56 minutes, condensed into a 7 minute video of us prototyping one of the levels from Color Maze. This was the first attempt of making the maze system that activates on approach. Thankfully since this we streamlined the building to be much faster, but hope you may find this interesting. It’s still a little long at 7 minutes, but here it is!