Dragonlings Featured by Apple in New Games We Love 🙂

Bounce your way through immersive landscapes dodging Landslides and Lava Eruptions to reclaim all those Stolen Magic Eggs!

Color Maze

Move through tile stacks, across floating bridges, ride lifts & enter portals that will change the course of your journey.  The way through the maze may look easy, but trigger a color switch & your pathway is set.


Get ready to run the gauntlet in this high speed score chaser. Blast your character through tunnels and chicanes, slide along ledges and shoot incoming space invaders in true retro arcade action.

99 Moons

Somewhere in deep space all the Aliens have finished work and gone home. One is left behind, getting home for him is a nightmare, a long journey through no less than 99 Moons!


Journey through the surreal, simplistic and colorful world that is Parallels. What seems like an easy relaxed journey in the beginning, is destined to become fraught with danger.